Purposed Communications is a full service marketing firm based out of Baton Rouge, LA committed to executing your business goals through diligence, dedication, and God given talent regardless of format. The firm is founded on the belief that “purposed communication is powerful, not to be stifled or forgotten.”

Purposed Communications works under the mantra that “your success is our success” giving special attention to the details of your project. Customer relationships are key. Neither your business nor Purposed Communications strives to be average or ordinary. You were created to be so much more. Purposed Communications looks forward to revealing your full potential.


Public Relations

Let’s face it; sometimes there is just not enough time in the day for you to do everything. Balancing your company’s relationship with the public takes time. That’s where Purposed Communications excels. Whether you need help managing your image or someone to enhance marketing opportunities, Purposed Communications is there to help turn high hopes and […]

Event Coordination

Whether it’s a social or corporate event, PC aids in coordinating, developing, and implementing successful events, by adhering to your financial…

Web Design and Management

If you want people to recognize and understand who you are, it is crucial that you have a designated place for them to go to and soak it all up…

Brand Consulting

You have a brand but you have no idea how to take it beyond that, correct? PC will work with you to develop a strategic blueprint that will allow…

Brand Management

PC operates under the mantra that ‘your success is our success.’ This requires us as a company to have a thorough comprehensive understanding…

Business Start-Up Consulting

New kid in town? Don’t sweat it; we’ve all been there. Believe in your vision, ask questions, and learn to love constructive criticism. Let PC take…

Marketing Strategy

You’ve got to have a plan to project your business/brand to the masses. PC works with clients to hone in on their target market, develop an initial…

Social Media

Social Media… It’s here to stay, so get on board and embrace it! Great news, Purposed Communications is filled with social butterflies!

Content Creation

Web, social, scripts, press, etc.… you need it written, and we scratch it out… a blank page is Purposed Communications playground!

Email Marketing

Developing, implementing, and executing email marketing campaigns so that you can reach your target market, clients, staff, etc. with relevant…

Press Development & Distribution

Writing is a specialty of ours. You give us the product, topic, or story line you want conveyed and we will get it written and distributed in a timely…

Media Relations

Schedules can be hectic…Sometimes you don’t have the time or the energy to make sure your calendar of events is booked and set…

Video Marketing

Looking to add a personal touch to your press distribution and marketing channels? A friendly face will do just that. We specialize in giving…

Broadcasting/On-Air Talent

Purposed communication is powerful communication so be it radio or television, we’ve got the experience, voice, face and brains to convey…

Graphic Design

The most successful companies use professional graphic design and web marketing to boost traffic, increase customers, and make more money. Don’t you want to achieve the same amazing results? Whatever your graphic design needs may be, Purposed Communications has the talent to fulfill.




What if you changed your perspective?

“Another day, another dollar.” “Same song, different day.” “It’s good. It’s work.” “Same ole, same ole.” We’ve all heard these phrases or ones similar when you ask someone, “How’s work going?” It’s the type of response that reflects a large majority of the world’s perspective on life — that wake up, go through the motions, […]


Be faithful in the little.

Oftentimes, we are faced with small tasks. Little things that can seem mundane. If we dwell on them, those mundane things can eventually turn into more of a burden in our minds. But what if those little things were not meant to burden us but to actually bless us and ultimately make us better. Scripture tells […]

the future is exciting

The Future Is Exciting!

Hi! We are thrilled to launch our new website! Thanks for taking the time to visit We hope that you will take a moment to look around, meet our founders, and get a feel for who we are as a company. If you have a business need or know of a friend/colleague who does, […]


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