Purposed Communications is a full service marketing firm based out of Baton Rouge, LA committed to executing your business goals through diligence, dedication, and God given talent regardless of format. The firm is founded on the belief that “purposed communication is powerful, not to be stifled or forgotten.”

Purposed Communications works under the mantra that “your success is our success” giving special attention to the details of your project. Customer relationships are key. Neither your business nor Purposed Communications strives to be average or ordinary. You were created to be so much more. Purposed Communications looks forward to revealing your full potential.



C. Ainsley Beeman

C. Ainsley Beeman began her business career in the outdoor/hunting industry as a freelance broadcaster and writer, which propelled her into position to work full time for respectable industry leaders. In light of further opportunity and an ever-evolving marketplace in 2013 Beeman started her own business, Purposed Communications, a full service communications/marketing firm located in Baton Rouge, LA. As a Louisiana native and a proud graduate of Louisiana State University, Beeman strives to convey your business's greatest attributes through purposed communication!

Margot Ardoin

Margot Ardoin pursued a career in marketing immediately following her graduation from college. Being a team player and having a heart for excellence, Ardoin sought employment and honed in on a unique skill set that reflected her flair for marketing. In 2014 Ardoin entered into a greater vision and higher goal by joining forces with communication specialist, Ainsley Beeman. They have yoked their combined talents into an inspiring company, Purposed Communications. Margot, a native of "Cajun Country" looks forward to adding her own business spice to the Baton Rouge marketplace and beyond.



Finding Your Workflow

Have you ever been entirely consumed with your work that everything else seems to melt away? This mindset is often described as flow. When in flow, creativity and efficiency heighten while removing you from your environment. Unfortunately, daily distractions and interruptions often prohibit people from tapping into their flow on demand. As a consequence, it […]

Why Your Business Should Be Using Content Marketing

Over the past decade, marketing has increasingly shifted to the digital landscape. As a result, more and more methods of marketing your business have emerged. Content marketing, or promoting your brand through video content, takes advantage of that digital landscape. It defines your brand image, provides a valuable customer experience and rejuvenates your marketing technique. […]

How Observing Business Etiquette Promotes a Better Workplace Environment

In the midst of assignments, projects and deadlines, those in a working environment may forget to act courteously and politely. However, any successful business must foster an environment of respect for colleagues and clients. In order to promote respectful, well-mannered behavior in your business, you must practice business etiquette. Routinely observing proper etiquette will boost […]


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